Sunday, November 23, 2008

Walkin' (Stampin') In A Winter Wonderland

I did it! I finally got the first batch of projects done! "First batch?!" you say. Yes, I have ideas for so many cute cards, I just can't stick to the few I did. It's silly, but I spent hours and hours learning how to use that electronic diecutter, so while no one at church signed up for my card class (what?!), at least I made myself learn how to use my cool new toy, so we can all play next Friday!! The trouble will be limiting myself to what will fit in my van!! I wonder what it costs to rent a little trailer from U-Haul... (you think I'm kidding)

Here goes -

Snowmen Card - newsletter style
$1.25 each - newsletter style, $1.10 each - card style

Flip up the front, and this is the next view.

Flip this layer to the left, and you see the newsletter.
On the left of the newsletter is the family photo. This card is my favorite! I learned the most making the photomat and the oval ribbon tags on this one.

Nativity Card - $0.75 each or $0.95 each for newsletter style

The inside of the card.

Easy Sticker Thank-You Cards - $0.25 each
These are about 3-1/2" x 3-1/2".

Cellophane treat bags - $0.20 each

other patterns, and we can make the tags and ribbons to match

Gable-style Gift Boxes - $0.95 each
I love the fat little Santas! About 8"x4"x5"
other patterns available, and we can made the tags and ribbon to match

Oh, if you want any color changes (like burgandy & gold thank-you cards, etc.), or any changes otherwise, let me know, and I'd be glad to make them! And don't forget that the envelopes come with the cards, even though they aren't pictured here.

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Sue said...

You busy, busy bee!

I love the newsletter card! The snowmen on the front, is that patterned paper or rubber stamps with different color ink? I like how it forces you to write a brief newsletter instead of a novel.

"Toot"! (giggle, giggle) says Amelia about the santa treat box.

Now go take a nap! Oh wait, there's that whole daycare thing... Well, at least order pizza for dinner and go to bed early!